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Retired Gen. Wesley Clark - Democrat
(Born December 23, 1944) Board chairman, corporate consultant, United states army general, retired NATO supreme allied commander/commander-in-chief, assistant professor, commentator.
  • War authorization: In his 2004 campaign site Clark said, "When the President flew out to the aircraft carrier Abraham Lincoln and posed under the banner that read: "mission accomplished," he made it clear he did not understand the scope of the mission. We need a success strategy. Only success that can honor the sacrifice of so many American men and women; it is only success that will allow Iraq to stand on its own; and it is only success that will allow our soldiers to come home. Early exit means retreat or defeat. Wes Clark has a plan to internationalize the reconstruction, counter the terrorists' guerilla war more effectively, and give Iraqis a greater stake in our own success." Source.
  • Security/liberties: Clark does not believe that we can win a war on terror if we give up the essence of who we are as Americans. That's why he thinks that Congress should fully review the so-called USA PATRIOT Act - and repeal the provisions that go too far. Source.
  • Social Security: I will never raise the retirement age on or privatize Social Security. Social Security is too vital a source of income to leave its survival to the caprice of the market. Source.
  • Stem cell research: Support stem cell research on existing lines of stem cells. Allow laboratories to create lines of stem cells for additional research. Source.
  • Same sex issues: Currently, most of our laws extend rights and responsibilities only to heterosexual families and explicitly exclude same-sex couples from enjoying those same rights and responsibilities. It is in the best interest of our country to promote stable communities and families - this includes both heterosexual and same-sex families. Accordingly, I believe that same-sex couples should not be denied rights to pensions, health insurance, family medical leave, bereavement leave, hospital visitation, survivor benefits, and other basic legal protections that all families and children need. Source.
  • Trade issues: Free trader. Source.
  • Budget issues: I have a plan to save $2.35 trillion over ten years and use the money to reduce the deficit and invest in priorities like job creation, healthcare, education, and homeland security. I'll do it by closing corporate tax loopholes, cutting duplicative government programs, repealing the Bush tax cuts for families making more than $200,000 a year and asking those families with incomes greater than $1 million a year to pay a 5% surcharge - but only on the amount they earn over a million dollars a year. Source.
  • Business & labor issues: Favors positions that organized labor favors. Source.
  • Abortion issues: Pro-choice. Source.
  • Capital punishment: Supports the use of the death penalty for federal crimes. Source.
  • Marijuana: Does not support legalization. Source.
  • Gun control: Favors Source.
  • Minimum wage: Support increases. Source.
  • Health care: Favors universal health care. Source.
  • Prescription drugs: Support prescription drug coverage under Medicare. Source.
  • Environmental issues: My Clean Air Plan will prevent 100,000 premature deaths from polluted air by 2020 compared with the Bush Administration's current course. I'll set tough standards for electric power plants, crack down on corporate polluters, and harness American technology and market-based approaches to meet air pollution challenges with innovative, job-creating solutions. Source.
  • Immigration issues: Supports the following:
    Increase the number of visas issued for agricultural workers.
    Relax restrictions barring legal immigrants from using social programs (e.g. public housing, food stamps).
    Amnesty for certain illegal immigrants who already reside in the United States. Source.
    Supports amnesty/permanent legalization for illegal aliens and temporary legalization for illegal aiens as guestworkers Source
  • Education: Does not support vouchers. Source.
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