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Elaine Brown - Green Party
(Born March 2, 1943) Lecturer, writer, activist.
  • Iraq War Issues: Her platform calls for "ending the war in Iraq". Source
  • Security/liberties:
  • Social Security:
  • Stem cell research:
  • Same sex issues:
  • Trade issues:
  • Budget issues:
  • Business & labor issues:
  • Abortion issues:
  • Capital punishment:
  • Marijuana:
  • Gun control:
  • Minimum wage: Her platform calls for "bringing about economic parity" and wants to "addresses the interests of poor and working families, in terms of living wages". Source
  • Health care: Her platform calls for "free healthcare". Source
  • Prescription drugs:
  • Environmental issues: Her platform calls for "restoring the environment". Source
  • Immigration issues:
  • Education issues: Her platform calls for "increased funding for public education and higher education". Source
  • Campaign website.