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  • AMERICAN GIRL DOLL SELECTOR By Mirage of the Incredibles
  • CAMERA SELECTOR By a professional photographer
  • FLAG SELECTOR By Ole Andersen
  • MAGIC TRICK SELECTOR By Jackie Monticupn
    Not Necessarily Tested Hobby Quizzes
  • What's your favorite thing to do for fun? By anna
  • Which Magic Trick? By Jackie Monticup
  • magic card color selector By John steiningr
  • Gundam selector By brian wilka
  • Chess Playing Software By Robert Pawlak
  • The St. John's Storytellers Guild Selector By The Grandfather
  • Which Sailor Moon character are you most like? By Xazy
  • Nijikon Personality test By CJ Burgandy
  • #AFSM By Korb
  • What type of kingdom type do you prefer or are best at playing? By War Panther
  • PWF Wrestler Personality Selector By Blaine, The Machine
  • Dream Pedlar By Liam Astley
  • Fantasy Creature Selector By clboudreau
  • ProphecY Clan Comparer By Lien
  • Who of the bros are you like?!? By [bro]pur1ty
  • the new and more detailed bro selector! By kapow!
  • Which TGSAP character do you resemble most? By Brandon Abley
  • What kind of weasel are you? By Bugsy Samsonite
  • How obsessed with 'The X-Files' are you??? By Lesley and Leslie
  • FFOS By Tequila
  • Minako Aino's Test By Minako Aino
  • ibdreamys selector By ibdreamy
  • find a new hobby! By never laura
  • Vampire the Masquerade Clan Selector By Ged
  • Shattock Schoole of Defence By Dieter Zimmerman
  • Cheerleading By Loryn
  • Club Fun! By Chris Bishop
  • what inatimate object are you most like?! By drdogbreath
  • Lily_Cutie`s Digimon Personality By Lily_Cutie
  • How Goth are You? By Angsty Squee
  • What is your Racial Enemy? By Type Advantage
  • What is your online Racial Enemy? By Type Advantage
  • Club Selector- revised By Chizzer
  • Job Search By Casey
  • What magic do you like? By Blobius eater of man
  • Which Fire of Desire character are you? By Aimia
  • Who knows Ashbee the best By Ashbee
  • Girls By jordan
  • Berserkr character quiz By Davydd
  • which Harry Potter character are you most like? By ILuvSeanBiggerstaff
  • posse selector By bear
  • Can You be a Mira-Friend? By MiraClaire
  • Character Selector By Arctica IceHaster
  • if you were part of the ::said as though contemplating suicide:: tuna team, who would you be? By CarlyAttack
  • What kind magical race am I? By Madison
  • Priscellie's Random Online Friend Selector By Priscellie
  • By Nortak Javelinpaw
  • What breed of Horse are you? By Shanna
  • What adjective best describes your funktabulastic side? By Muckluk the Vegitarian Pe...
  • Which Band Instrument Are You? By Silver Raven
  • What Kind of Band Nerd Are You? By Jen
  • Chat Board Referral By DrSillyRuca
  • Are You a Hobbit? By Nerry the Hobbit
  • What AD&D class are you? By Erik Moran
  • which fashionable madchen are you? By madchen
  • Which Gamessoc Committee member are you most like? By Big Steve
  • Which Jinx character are you? By Samiko
  • Arete Finder for Mage: The Ascension By Francis Kale
  • Which one of my nerotic, lovable frineds are you? By ivymae
  • What type of Rev War Unit should you join? By Buck Bannister
  • What kind of Space Marine would you be? By Gideon
  • What warhammer race are you? By Maugnan Ra
  • What Dungeon Cake character are you? By Psychic.knight
  • Burr! The all new disagreement selector thing that is disagreable to spelling of words at its own contradictory title! By Tom
  • Which one of my crazy ass friends are you? By Cyclona
  • Chaos in Space!!! By Jen
  • How much like Regan are you? By Regan
  • Which bobba are you? By RedVelvet
  • Arendor Fantasy Character of Mine By ladyofarendor
  • Which Clan Selector By Rui Coelho
  • The Brotherhood Community Selector By Vince401
  • Hvem er du fra Ringenes herre By sofie
  • Quick'n'EZ Vala-Match By elentari vana
  • Which Debra are you? By Debspudknowitall
  • Which JCUKjnr member are you? By Rel
  • Which Britney Are you? By heather
  • Discover your Ideal Muttly Language By Baskerville
  • Which Knight of the Living Room are YOU? By Amy
  • what quiz will you take? By Frisky
  • Zoë's Furry Character Quiz/Test By zoemoss
  • Ultimate Villains By Jerry
  • Jerry By Jerry
  • Ultimate Hero By Jerry
  • Ultimate Villain By Jerry
  • What belt are you??? By Rosie
  • Warhammer Army Selector By Silver Fang, Avenger of P...
  • If you were a girl, what sorority would YOU be in? By Ryan and Gavin
  • Which Sorority Would You Be In? By ryan
  • Warhammer selector By samslice_1
  • threemad3 By threemad3
  • Axis and Allies game selector By il_duces_finest
  • Warhammer Armies By nacho_monkey
  • How Nerdy Are You???? By Jzm
  • YARN SELECTOR By Elizabeth Christia
    Not Necessarily Tested Hobby Quizzes
  • Which of my friends are you? By mynameiszoe
  • ¿Que personaje del foro serias? By Mar Pérez
  • Whaqt Kind Of Chia Pop Are You? By Tim Bartlett
  • what horsey event are you? By Dreambrook Acres
  • Which doll... By Brooke
  • what is your personality By Kira
  • Which Harper Island Popular Girl Are You? By Harper Island
  • Which Marauder is your Man? By Fiona Vera
  • What kind of Dog are you? By Artemis Dubaer
  • By Schmina
  • What Star Quest Warriors character are you? By Mira
  • Which Blob Are You? By Abbess
  • Which tudor? By tudorfanaticmajor
  • Which Hex Admin Are You? By Nouveau
  • Which weapon is right for you By timmahh mcgee
  • Which of my close friends are you? By Robert W
  • The VGF Forums Member Selector! By Kazooie64
  • What kind of dork are you? By Mothra no Miko
  • Which of Shade's Characters Are You? By Shade Knight
  • Which Lord of the Rings Character Are You? By Loralíenasa
  • Which hottie are you? By Danielle
  • Which HamHam are you? By Pashmina
  • By Ryan
  • Is WAQAWAQ the club for you? By Co-Presidnet Heather
  • Fed-Intel Fleetstaff personality selector By Captain D'Amari
  • Aznshibuoy By Li-Chan Lee
  • Which Charakter of DCSPs would YOU be? By M.Lang
  • Which Hogwarts' Class Would you Be Good At? By Christa
  • Which Harry Potter Character are You Truly? By Christa
  • TaKe Da K.E.L.A test! who are you! kate erica lanie or alyssa! By EriCa
  • Realmofmagic411 By Diamond
  • Which Of My Friends Are You Most Like? By Luna Lupus
  • D.N.Angel Character Selecter By lildaisukeniwa
  • SHivan's Vampire Clan Selector By SHivan
  • Wich of my friends are you? By Traan
  • Which of Banta's Stalkies are YOU Most Like? By Banta
  • Which One of Caty's Best Friends Are You? By *Caty*
  • What style of music are you? By Mallory
  • Which Team: FALLHARD member are you most like? By Chris La-Porn
  • Use my imagination... By Shadow Tara
  • What type of girl are you? *Girls Only* By Katherine
  • Which type of Cosplayer are you? By sliver^gin
  • SoF, SoP, MoG, RoD, FoF... By Rissie
  • Which club should you be in? By x_XKillerQueenX_x
  • What ZDH charector are you? By ZBomber
  • Kamahl's Quiz By Dorin Gabildum
  • Teste da Saga de Urza e do pessoal do Weatherlight By Rafael Monteiro
  • Warhammer 40k Whose side are you on? By Josef
  • Drug Type Selector By Max Spencer
  • Are you a psycho? By Vinna
  • The Utonium's selector! By Professor Utonium
  • What's your true identity: rock, paper, or scissors? By Jason Eisele
  • How Dark Are You By xxthedastardxx
  • Welk Sandra & Co. karakter ben jij? By Sandra Michiels
  • Which Zonbieo are you? By 009
  • What's Your Personality? By Just call me Chipmunk
  • What Drug person Are You? By eric
  • What type of combat are you best at? By Luthius
  • What Garth Nix Character Are You? By Ivy Sandybottoms
  • By Jenna
  • Micronations Selector By ISlobovian
  • Day of Defeat Weapons Selector By Event Horizon
  • Which DOBW character are you? By SilverSkye
  • A series of unfortunate events who are you? By MR R
  • The greatest SSBM selector ever By KSP
  • What Dragon Dice Race are you most similar to? By ????
  • Magicians By steve magikk
  • mortal kombat chracters By dave
  • Chaos Powers By Shadowspite
  • Should YOU really be in Colorguard? By Laura Linn
  • what musical instrument are you? By Peter Durnell
  • What Should You Smoke Your Weed Out of Today???? By h-dub
  • My pool don't cost a thing By Memorial BBQ
  • Which Smallville Character are you? By Sammy G
  • what kind of dog are you By gracefulwolf55
  • What should you do in your free time? By eljatet
  • Which Ninja(samurai) Weapon are you most like By Nizul
  • Der Große Dragon Ball-Charaktertest By patty
  • How Big Of A loser are you By speKtor
  • Which type of terrorist are you? By Colin Quinn
  • Quads 4 Me By Matt
  • Psychedelic drug of choice By duvet
  • Which DOA girl are you? By TMk
  • IC Ability selector By UK_Dragon
  • Which of Lilu's bishen are you? By Lilu
  • Who you are from the elvish heart?? By Bartosz
  • Barrel Racing By Christina
  • Pollard Jazz Band Selector By Matt Leftin
  • Which of my male RP characters are you? By CyanideCatharasis
  • whats your hobbie? By the wizard of fire
  • What golf club you like/are most like By ROCK
  • Which Broadmeadows Horse are you? By Kristin
  • ARE YOU A BAND DORK??? By cassandra Crago
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