LawThe Cup In the Bathroom: How to Ask a Rabbi
A Flowchart by hellosir
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A. Morell

Is Our Bathroom A "Bais Hakisei"

Lechem Yehuda: only if water is prepared
Yes. Does it require netila?
No. Does Asher Yatzar require Netila?

Elyah Rabba, Aruch hashulchan and others: Yes
Yes. Aruch Hashulchan and possiblly Mishna Brura and Zohar: You need Netila
No. Pri Megadim and possibly Mishna Berura say that Midei Diminkei is enough

Magen Avraham: Does NOT require 3X
Heichal Hakodesh: 3X
Does Koach Gavra in a sink work?