EducationOutgoing Referral (Biddeford Pediatric office)
A Flowchart by kimquint
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Referral process

Provider enters referral in EMR and sends to "PSR Bucket"

PSR "time stamps" referral indicating she has received it
Close referral

Referral indicates either office to go to (i.e. dermonotology) or to physician (Dr. X)
Physician will determine next steps. (send letter, continue calling, end referral)
Notify physician that office isn't able to contact patient for speciality appt
no contact with patient

PSR processes patients insurance information
Speciality office can't get in touch with patient
PSR calls our patient to inform them they need to contact speciality office for appt.

PSR prints patient records and cover letter and faxes to speciality office
No information received from Speciality office
PSR calls office to see where process is

Appt needs to be scheduled
PSR waits for office to call back with appointment date and time
Speciality office calls office with appt date and time or faxes information back to office

PSR calls speciality office and schedules appointment
Patient notified of appointment date and time.
Appt time listed in EMR