A Flowchart by holistic
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Home Care Client with Stroke - falling at home
Assessed by Home Care Case Manager and/or Coordinator
Referral faxed to Physiotherapist. (PT)
PT reviews referral and sends telerehab appointment date and time to KO scheduler.
KO scheduler books appointment on the network and CTC confirms appointment with client and home care staff

PT writes report, sends appropriate programming to Home Care Staff re: exercise, transfers, home safety changes. Refers client to other service providers or programs as required.
PT assesses the client and the client's home with assistance from the Home Care Staff.
Client at home and PT connect for appointment on the network using the in-home camera.
Appointment day CTC and Home Care attend clients home with in-home camera
Confirmation sent to PT.

PT calls Home Care staff to review recommendations and provide support.
Follow-up scheduled with client by PT to implement recommendations and reassess. Follow-up referral sent to KO scheduler.