A Flowchart by Roz
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My Mission for you is for you to attain your highest level of health, clarity in your thinking, eliminate stress in your life, heal your body naturally and to continue to live out your life's purpose in a more authentic way! I want for you master and be in control of every area in your life!

Change your relationship with food
Eliminate bad food habits and your no food habits
Get you comfortable in the kitchen. The best meals you eat will come from there
Have good daily habits regarding the 8 laws of heath

Eliminate disease and ailments from your body
Incorporate the 8 laws of health into your daily life for the rest of your life
Understand that your body is designed to move and incorporate that into the rest of your life! (this is the only one you got)
Have a good understanding of how your body works, what foods do to and for your body and what foods cause a negative reaction in your body
Have a clear understanding that your health is your wealth. There is not a millionaire in ICU on the planet that wouldn't trade all of his money for good health!

Learn to put you first above ALL else!
Shed unwanted pounds
Watch 3 videos: Fat, Sick and Nearly Dead; Vegucated; Forks over Knives
Juice cleanse for 14+ days

Raw food cleanse for 14 days (both of these cleanses are done to clean your palate and reduce food addictions)
DAILY freshly made smoothies or juices
Adding good foods to your daily diet and slowly eliminating the harmful foods
10 months of nutrition education
DAILY walking

DAILY quiet time and meditation