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By Mshookey
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The PAX decision tree offers a set of sample scenarios for the Community to consider for future action steps.

Focus fresh efforts on identifying more priests, adding more creativity to liturgies and introduce some level of public messaging about PAX
If able to add 2 more priests, continue status quo efforts

Current state: PAX relies on 4 Roman Catholic (RC) "priests in good standing" to celebrate our weekly liturgies
If not able to add celebrants, consider: Less frequent PAX. Liturgies (e.g. 2/mo with RC celebrant) - Joint Mass with another IEC - Align with parish and have designated PAX Mass - Involve non-traditional celebrants (married, women) - Dissolve PAX

Decide to make adjustments to PAX liturgies
Discuss involvement of non-traditional celebrants with current roster of celebrants to determine willingness to stay with PAX