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EducationResponse to Intervention
By lauraberge6
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Response to Intervention (RTI) Provides all students the best opportunity to succeed in school, identifies students who struggle with learning, and ensure they receive the help they need.

Tier 1: All Students receive a high quality education. All students screened on a regular basis to identify students who need additional support

Student remains in tier 1.
Does the student need additional help?
Student is moved to Tier 2

Tier 2: Students who are struggling receive additional help in the form of small groups and additional instruction.

Student is moved to tier 3
Did the student improve?
Student returns to tier 1

Tier 3: Student receive individualized help based on the are struggling in

Student becomes eligible for Special education because they have a learning disability
Did the student improve?
Student either returns to tier 1 or 2 depending the progress the student has made