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Not Necessarily Tested Quizzes
  • favorite wrestler By blake mckiel
  • favorite TV show By blake mckiel
  • Slayers Character Chooser By Michele Lefkowitz
  • Choose Your Favorite Survivor Contestant By survivor fan
  • Monkees Fan Test By Purple Lemon
  • Which Utena Female Character Are You Most Like? By Blueberry
  • Are you fit for the kasa? The Suzaku Selector By Alaina
  • Which MKR Character Are You Most Like? By Margo
  • Which Wish Character Are You Most Like? By Margo
  • Which Angelic Layer Character Are You Most Like? By Margo
  • What Day of the Week is Best For You? By Bob Bob
  • What Movie Should I Rent? By Joshua Wenderoff
  • The Great Texas/Texas A&M Selector By Jim Dallas
  • What Kind of Alcohol Should I Drink By Zachary Harrison
  • Find out what Sci-fi movies are fit for you By Joey
  • Do You Have Good Taste In Film? Or Are You a Film Moron? By Paul
  • Predict relationship By Angela
  • personal mascot selector By jolie
  • Vampire the Masquerade Clan Selector By Kyrie
  • X Character Quiz By Margot
  • DBZ!!! By Goku184
  • Which pro wrestler do you like the most? By Huber
  • The WWF Wrestler selector By Huber
  • Which pro wrestler do you like the most? By mcbeotch
  • GameCubeXL forums! By DEL_the_funky
  • Allied Simming Forces By
  • Which Final Fantasy VII character are you most like? By Mazzy
  • Which is your favorite *NSync guy? By Rachel
  • Which character from Excalibur (the Marvel comic) are you the most like? By The Lone Bamf
  • Which X-Men Character are you the most like? By The Lone Bamf
  • Video game selector By Huber
  • Rurouni Kenshin Character Test By Selene
  • Are You A Weenie? Rate Your Weeniness! By ideagirl
  • Which Carlson Septuplet are you most like? By Jessie Mannisto
  • Medical Marijuana Selector By encopitt
  • Which Angel Sanctuary character are you most like? By Tulsi Walker
  • Which Pokémon Character Are You Like? By Kyoko-san
  • Which Angel Hunter kyara are you most like? By fireflychan
  • Which Cree girl is right for you? By Sephiroth
  • Rurouni Kenshin Female Character Resemblance Test By Selene
  • Movies Baby Yah! By D.J. Dude
  • Trigun character selector By Bluesummers
  • Personality Test By Courtney
  • Which COR character are you most like? By Nataku no Miko
  • COR Member Quiz By Nataku no Miko
  • Jeanne Character Resemblance By Chiaki
  • Are you the right person to bear my illegitimate children? By Bubba Weasel
  • The Ultimate Fushigi Yuugi Character Test By Riven
  • Which Gundam Wing pilot describes you? By Yumiko
  • Your Aura Member By Nataku no Miko
  • Initial D Character Test By hase
  • Which guy would you mostly end up with in Escaflowne? By Jen-chan
  • Which Inner Sailor Senshi are you??! By Jen-chan
  • i*W*s Wrestling By Jon Alexander
  • evangelion thing By reveil
  • Tenchi Muyo! Character Selector By Tom Galang
  • Ranma Character Selector By Sakira
  • What FF8 character are you most like? By TiaraChan
  • Final Fantasy 6 Character Selector By Shishiwakamaru
  • Find Out Which Weiss Kreuz Character You Are! By Cristi M.
  • What Pokemon are you? By Jusu-kun
  • The Digidestined Test. By Yamato Ishida
  • Gundam Wing Character Selector By Chibi C
  • who are you more like, leanne(eww) or debbie(yay!)? By debbie
  • Mirrors By AlexPicchetti
  • Gundam Wing: A New Era Personality Test By One and Firefury
  • Mysterious Anime Characters Selector By Dessa Gepichu
  • Practice Selector By Team CCoC
  • Slayers Personality Quiz By Selia
  • Gundam Wing character selector! By Yuy Ame
  • The Music of Weiß By Cheyne
  • F2003 Guys By F2003
  • Character Test By Eliza
  • Who are you? By David Willis
  • SO JUST HOW DUMB ARE YOU? By Teronsuke
  • X-Men Character Assessment Selector By C.J. Lason
  • The Ultimate Loser Test By The Chosen One
  • Coolness Selector By C.J. Lason
  • Which Member of Burgundy Comics are you most like? By CJ Burgandy
  • Violet Shadow Character Quiz By Joltz
  • Off On A Tangent's Weblog Selector By Creepy Steve
  • The Whose Line Is It Anyway? Persona Selector By Strawberry
  • Hebe Jeebies By Kitkat-bar
  • Angelique Character Placement By Kailing
  • Houshin Engi Character Placement By Kailing
  • Do guys notice me? By Greg Eldredge
  • By Stephanie
  • Which character is your match? By Aya Seraph
  • Final Fantasy 9 By Zoa Russ
  • Your Fancharacter Match! By Rae
  • TTLG member selector By sailoreagle
  • Which Destroyer Saga character are you most like? By AesiRaven
  • Which Second Progeny character are you most like? By Erin
  • Will you ascend in this lifetime ? By MarriAna
  • What do YOU want to do? By Joe Joe
  • Noble Vitae II Character Selector By Daniel Ingland
  • Jologz ka ba? By Legato
  • Which Aura Member Are You Most Like? By Nataku no Miko
  • In the new crew, who be you? By Nataku no Miko
  • Are You Ugly? By Katsuie Shibata
  • Viva El Desmadre By Apocalypse Girl
  • Which Dark Creature Are You: A Werewolf or a Vamp? By Kate
  • Are you Musical Star material? By Zanthia Faknam
  • Which Tenchi Muyo Character are you? By Rhîan
  • Hogwarts :What character are you most like? By Nabila
  • Asgard Survey By msCat
  • Who is your favorite SNL personality By allison beckwith
  • ¿A cual chica superpoderosa te pareces? By Sakurita
  • Are you CRAZY??? By Zed
  • A que casa de Hogwarts pertenezco? By Asther Maiden
  • Megami Megami character selector By George Aguirre
  • Spacin' Star character selector By George Aguirre
  • Which H.O.T. Member? By Digital Jen
  • Powerpuff Girls Character Selector By Bubbles
  • what female digimon are you most like? By chrombot
  • Which Port Charles character are you like? By Cheryl
  • Which Gem Senshi Are You Most Like? By Miyuka
  • BOTVGH Authors By Erek Chee
  • Your Favorite Nobody in Particular By The Nobodys IN Particular
  • The Seraphin Project Character Selector By Katy Coope
  • The STYLE Selector By Kimbo
  • Are you REALLY an *NSYNC fan?! By Mrs. Timbalickadick and M...
  • Friends! By Grace
  • What Kind Of Friend Are You? By Lauren M.
  • Fantastic Four Personality Indicator By Mickey McCarter
  • Fantastic Four Personality Indicator By Mickey McCarter
  • Qual personagem mais combina com você By D-chan
  • The 3 Gatos Matchmaker By Manderina
  • Brookshire By Alaina
  • Secret!!! By Alaina and Emily
  • Secret Quiz number 2 By Alaina and Emily
  • What part of the pack would you be? By Prismwind
  • Neochicas quiz By Suzi
  • Horror Movie By Joseph Abbott
  • Phobias By Jackie
  • What Mario Character are you like? Version 2.0 By Fire Mario
  • Take the test and be JUDGED By Gilthanas Lightbringer
  • Parappa's Puppy Poll By Parappa the Rappa
  • FY By chris
  • Meg's Past Life Selector By Meg Graham
  • Meg's Past Life Selector By Meg Graham
  • Harry Potter House Selector By tmsack
  • Project ACUO Character Selector By YingGirl
  • Invader Zim Character Selector By Cale
  • Which suite-mate in 202 and 204 are you most like? By Terry
  • What state are you from? By PN, Vicky, Terry
  • Star Wars character selector By Petri Tikka
  • Which one of my friends are you most like? By ;;;;;;;D[something or oth...
  • Which Interrupted Girl Are You? By Georgina Tuskin
  • Are you a Perry Panther or a Perry Poser? By Nessica Valentine
  • Lauraific Selector 2.0 By debuchan
  • How Stupid Are You By Skaloop
  • How Stupid Are You By Skaloop
  • Which Actress are You Most Like? By shamanalti
  • RealJuggalos Messageboard Member By suIcIdecL0wN
  • Six Twenty Five Personalitifier By bryy
  • Testing By Jaime
  • What Girlie are you? By Stagefairy
  • fugly By fugly
  • Which of the Young Ones are you By Isabel
  • Total Carnage Wrestling Stuff By Showtime
  • Which Character From the Dark Shadows 1841 PT Are You Like? By Justin Riley
  • Which Courthouse Employee Are You Like? By The Rock
  • Star Wars vs Star Trek By OpalCat
  • Angel By Morina Ruhana
  • Which Harry Potter Character are you? By Lesley Denham
  • which golden girl are you? By tangerine
  • Britney Spears By dillan
  • Mummy Test By The_Fan
  • personality revised see who you are really like By piper farfanugen sugen du...
  • labyrinth movie character corrolations By Lady Lydia
  • What 'Harry Potter' Character Are You Most Like? By Jackie=chan
  • Which Rally's Rover Den character are you most like? By Rally
  • Terra's Friends personality selector By terra
  • The w00tage Selector By Sp00rk of Spazzin Out Pro...
  • What ever By Kithfan21
  • Moo Quiz By Mooinabox
  • The EMB/Howie Day compatibility Test By LadyJackyl
  • Test By Fuzz
  • By James Walker
  • Which Taelon are you? By beatles
  • Which Buffy Character are you? By nat
  • NEil By Neil
  • The TrekBBS Moderator Selector By 4-GOM
  • Anne Rice's Vampires Personality Test By Aube
  • Lord of the Rings Personality Test By Dawn
  • Which Inside Joke Character are you? By Josh H.
  • To Which Court Do You (or your character) Belong? By Erin Manley
  • The Furrie Selector By Jade Scully
  • Star Trek Job Selector By I hope this name isnt tak...
  • Which Jhonen Vasquez-created Character are You? By Dot
  • Metal Gear Solid 2: Sons Of Liberty character selector By Raiden
  • 80's quiz By Seth
  • Which Character in the REAL Star Wars Story Are You Most Like?? By Princess Laina
  • How well do you know the REAL Star Wars story? By Princess Laina
  • Which character from 'the Goonies' are you the most like? By punkcub
  • Eize helek leshony at/ata? By Marina
  • Gadan Character Selector By Rae
  • By Raven Eade
  • Which MMX Char Are You? By Talman
  • How Cool Are You? By Deano
  • Which Character Are You Most Like? By skyra123
  • Saga Season 2 character selector By Kalin
  • Who at Hogwarts would you kug? By Ishi
  • DORK By Anthony Reynolds
  • Which Hammerspace Character Are You? By Shadow Omega
  • Xtreme Star Wars character selector By Lau-ra Anu
  • What Shepherd University student are you most like? By Jolt
  • GALS Character Selector By Flipper
  • Polarqueen mwhahahaha By Lauren
  • The most completely brilliant thing you have ever seen By Leon Trotsky
  • Which Muppet are you? By DigitalBohemian
  • What Legend Are You? By Danielle
  • Which Teen Movie Character Are You? By none
  • Above the Storm By InverseThunder
  • Which member of the FanFiction.Net Liberation Front are you? By FanFiction.Net Liberation...
  • By Draco Leary
  • colorized By elizabeth
  • Prelude to Disaster characters By J. King
  • Do you.....????? By Timmy T
  • Which 3.5 are you? By Brandon Schmelz
  • Which Xena Villain Are You Most Like? By Annie Banannie
  • What Type of yummy coookie are YOU!? By Abbey&Sarah
  • Which swinging-hippy-dippy-super-special-kitty-CAT are you? By Sari
  • What household object are you? By Aqua
  • Which Road Rover Are You? By Chris Chestnut
  • RP-er Magical Select-a-Character By Sari
  • The Character Quiz By Yonis
  • Which boy at the HP palace would you date? By Aurora
  • Which Rent character are you REALLY? By Sari
  • What girl at HP would you date? By Rorabora
  • Alien vs. Predator Guidance Counselor By Kyle Derrida
  • My Selector Thingie By Sarah Thegreat
  • Anime Character Quiz By Sabresilk
  • What Kind of Dork Are You? By Courtney Shay
  • What Kind of Person are You? By summer
  • What Kaabii Musha character are you? By kirbywarrior
  • Which type of Weed are you? By State Parks
  • Which member of Apocalyptic are you? By Destiny
  • Have you ever wondered which Sifl and Olly character you would be? Take this fascinating quiz to find out! By Gena
  • Which of Meg's favorite people are you? By Meg
  • How well do you relate to Sean? By Sean-Michael Dore
  • Pete & Pete - Who Are You? By Beck
  • Which of these caffeine-induced freaks are you most like? By Rockerbabe
  • Who are ya like :D By FireWolf
  • Which Crash Place member are you most like? By Gavin Lenaghan
  • Which Quicky Heroine Are You? By Rachel
  • skribbled By skribbled
  • Entertainment MWA HA HA! By LeviStryfe98
  • Are you Ofer, Jerome, Elie, or Ori? By OOjE
  • Buffy the Vampire Character Selector 2 By Leigh L.
  • Challenge Number One By GrooveAttack
  • By A. L. Anstine
  • Which #wliia_gamer are you the most like? By CMoose
  • Which Monkee are YOU? By Davy
  • Which of Jolyn's Characters are You Most Like? By SilverWing
  • Are You a Hippie? By the voice
  • What kind of Squiggle are you? By Morgan
  • Which novel are you? By kelly
  • What in the hell are you, anyway? By Sleeping Beautiful Liar
  • By Alison
  • Which HOE are you? By kitkatpink
  • Just take the damn thing By Vegeta is my Beyotch
  • Which Baby Wannabe Are You? By silverwing
  • Which of my boyfriends are you? By Bizkette
  • the shady mofos of newtown quiz By bofen
  • Which Gurrl Are You? By Butterfly Girl
  • chawce! By Belle
  • If you were a Kirby Ability... By LlamaX
  • Which Group Marriage Member are YOU most like? Part 2 By Rebecca Leonard
  • which character are you? By shaisukebe
  • What type of Groupie are you? By TestResults
  • Steffany's Character Quiz By BubbleTea
  • Which of Satchmo's friends are you most like? By Satchmo
  • which buzzbox character am i? By Ben.
  • Which Female Character from Buffy are you? By Meghann
  • Which Member of Sealab 2021 are You? By Kristin
  • Quien eres ? By Serpiente
  • How EVIL are you? By chumba
  • Which sprite are you most like? By Kathryn
  • Which Lion King character are you? By Brita
  • What StereoType do you fit under? By ikilledrandi
  • the gecko test By gothicgecko
  • Which member of Siam Shade are you? By kotori
  • What Colour Are You? By LaLaLA
  • AO-Lifes By nicole
  • Which Otaku Senshi are you? By Sailor Universe
  • Which Member of the Fellowship of the Ring Are You? By Aaron/Ebony
  • What ER Caracter are you most like By Lyndsey
  • riot grrrls rock! By jenn
  • Which ShibCup character are you? By Shibadou
  • Which Famous Geek-Babe Are You? By Andrea
  • Are you a Seeker or a Chaser? By Trylis
  • Which Harry Potter Character Are You? By just_a_memory
  • Which X-men Evolution character are you? By Halfling Rogue
  • Which random friend of Lauren and Adrienne are you? By shirleymansonismyhero
  • What kind of Goth are you? By jessamoon
  • Dwell in The Faceless Evil's mind By The Faceless Evil
  • do you wanne go back to the 80's By petje
  • Which member of the team are you most like? By Beverly Woolf
  • How Muggle are you? By Anne Lumos
  • Which Romeo & Juliet character are you most like? By Kenzie
  • The "Which Member of the Endless Are You?" Quiz By Jesse-Brian
  • Like Mike? By Mike77
  • TITle By rico
  • What nationality you really are? By Molly
  • Which Slipknot Member Are You By Maggotcorps
  • Which Playing Card are you By Jack Of Hearts
  • How Sexy Are You? By The Only Sinfully Intense
  • AimEe's Favorite BandS By AimeE EricksoN
  • Are you more like Katie or Paul? By Katie*Loves*Paul
  • How Alice are you? By Alice
  • Which Vampire Are You? By Kate
  • Which 'Code Name: Hunter' character are you? By RedPaw
  • Who is your Sci-Fi babe? By Syberjoel
  • Buffy Stuff By Naco_Chan
  • Vampire, Angel, Mech boy, or Human? By Tara-chan
  • Which Dragon Are You Most Like? By skyra
  • What Vampire are you? By Morgan Christian
  • Who is your perfect Sci-fi women? By Syberjoel
  • which lp furrie are you? By daftbella
  • Lithuanian Character Selector By Jenny
  • Which Patriot character are you? By LadyJackyl
  • Which Character from 'Ivan' is Most Like You? By Servone
  • Find your Arysil! By Althea
  • Which Misadventures Character Are You? By Tasha
  • Select a personality doll! By Kaz
  • How to Tell if You or Someone you know is an AssMonkey By Marla Does Crack In the R...
  • Which of Angel's friends are you most like? By Xtian Angel
  • And who are you exactly, hmm? By ariana
  • Invader ZIM! The greatest personality quiz..EVER!!! By Zel
  • What Animal Are You? By raven
  • What Passions character are you most like? By Kenna
  • What Color Are You? By megan
  • Fatality Character Quiz By Kali
  • What is your flower personality? By fairyluver
  • What WWF superstar are you? By WWF
  • Determine Your Flamingo Destiny! By Flamingos
  • Which friend of Amanda are you? By Amanda Robbins
  • see what princezz ov power star you're most like! By jenny the magnificant and...
  • Which Britney Song are you Most Like? By awfullyscared
  • Who are you? By spiderness
  • The Ultimate Gothic Test By nessie
  • The Periodic Table of the Elements test By Andrew Dubay
  • Meg's ''That Damn Story'' character selector! By Meg Graham
  • Which Real Worlder Are YOU? By Hollister
  • What type of Dragon are you? By sufferingangel
  • The Emm Test By Erin
  • Which Annoying Selector Test are You? By bob
  • Which 311 fan are you? By EricAmoedo
  • whats ur late night style? By natalie
  • Are you happy? By Lakini
  • Darla's Friends Selector By D
  • Come look! By Vondor
  • What Bizzaro Character are you? By Bizzaro.
  • Which Type of Chatter Are You? By Don
  • Morexiana By Moriah
  • Which Pierrot member are you most like? By Mana_blue_rose
  • Which Dragon Are You? By JuraiGP
  • What random nonsensical creature are you? By Slater
  • Are You Naughty Or Nice? By ~*LittleGirl*~
  • Which Pop Princess are you?? By PryncessAngel
  • Which of Jen's friends are you? By Jen
  • Personality Quiz By Amanda
  • what HOTD2 Charater are you?? By Chomperz
  • Who are you to Heero? By Vixen
  • What Neopets are you? By Plushie Lover
  • Which of My Livejournal friends are you? By Jody
  • Which of Andrew's Friends Are You? By Andrew Robinson
  • Which PpG Villain are you? By Synia
  • Which Buffy Character Are You? By Alicia S.
  • What type of goth are you? By Raven
  • By ArtyG
  • The Divination That Is Right For You By Ravenwolf
  • The Lion King Character Selector By Prismaya
  • Co-op sterotype By lilkillerpenguin
  • Which Buffy the Vampire Slayer Charchter are you? By CarterSerrett
  • Which Takarazuka Star are you? By Keita
  • Which one of the 3 losers and hillary do you belong with? By Kalin
  • Which Cat Are You By kelsey
  • Which 'good' character from Neofantajii are you? By Element_Djinn
  • Which 'evil' character from Neofantajii are you? By element_djinn
  • Simpson Selector By kittylovequizzes
  • Which Sky Gunner character are you? By Kyte
  • Which Three Authors Inc character are you most like? By AP
  • Which character are you from The Realm of Fantasy Shadows? By element_djinn
  • Moulin Rouge Song Selector By Rach
  • Compatible By CharlieH
  • Are you a lesbian By Jen
  • Which USA City Are You? By NewYorkDreamer
  • Which Spyro Character Are You? By NewYorkDreamer
  • Which Person In My Life Are You? By Tashi E.
  • COLIN!!!! By Kate
  • Which Fraggle Rock Character Are You? By Cully
  • Which Neutron Are You? By Crystal A. Marquardt
  • Yugioh Personality Quiz 2 By Joey Ingram
  • Royalty Quiz By Leslie
  • Which Sailor Senshi Are You? By Kino Makoto
  • rachels insane posse By magicmushroomchic
  • You Think You Know me? Let's find out! By Scarlett
  • Qual clipe do Marilyn Manson você é? By spooky-girl
  • sterio-type personality muffin carriage By penkin
  • Which Baldwin Brother Are You? By Xtreme Shamrock
  • Shentix Dating Game By shemari
  • How Weird Are You? By sugar90us
  • Loser or Not? By Malign
  • Which FAS character are you? By Tim
  • Witch one of my friend's are you? By Shunsuke
  • The Stuff Thingy By Teddy 1
  • What random thing in Steph's room are you? By GryffndorBeater
  • Classic OtherSpace Characters By Wes Platt
  • Which OtherSpace race should you play? By Wes Platt
  • Rate "Someone" By meegannie
  • Which of Lia's family members are you? By mistoffelees
  • dinner_info By Zafara
  • Who are you? By sweet4569288
  • Are You A Blond? By PrincezzS
  • Are You Neethu Or Katie? By Katie+Neethu
  • What Rap Artists Are You? By Stephanie
  • Which Star Trek Character are You? By Deadpool809
  • Which Ninja Turtles character are you? By April
  • What GOJ Jedi are you? By Yodogg
  • Which CFA/Duffy8 Domain Character are you? By Duffy8
  • Which Enchanted Forest Creature Are You? By Violet and Rose Shyflower
  • How Patriotic Are You? By Jon Mancinelli
  • Your Sorting Hat: Which Hogwarts House would you be in? By Christine
  • Yu-Gi-Oh! By Nat
  • What's your stoner rating? By Averna13
  • Which Sunset Beach Character Are You? By Anna
  • should you lay off the drugs By psychocelticchick
  • Princess Mononoke Character Quiz By mononokequiz00
  • What Neopet are YOU? By Simon
  • What EMPYREAN girl are you? By Ralph Suarez
  • What EMPYREAN girl are you? By Ralph S.
  • Not Necessarily Tested Quizzes
  • Which North and South character are you? By Anne
  • Which Chuck E. Cheese character are you? By H. Howlette
  • What Resonance Character Are You? By Leona
  • Who are you most like at Lilys Hogwarts? By Lily Lighting
  • What House Should YOU really be in? By Professor Lighting
  • r u kuhraezy? By majikchild n orijunul blo...
  • anime By martin
  • Are you a drama girl? By OurAinHero
  • What animbian are you? By Alex
  • My Last and Final Heaven Quiz By bobdasheep7671
  • Smallville By Samshady128
  • PUNK vs. POSER By Jessi
  • willy wonka By wednesdayaddams12
  • Who's Your Punk or Pop Inner Diva By SkitzoKitten
  • soniccharacterselector By mystictails
  • Which of my 'ex's are you? By Landa Medici-Zavaglia
  • What Star Quest Warriors Character Are You? By Ella
  • What Xerian person are you most like? By Xerian Master
  • Which of my on-line friends are you?? By Allan McLeod
  • Which of my friends are you like?? By Allan McLeod
  • Do you deserve to live? By SeraphSleaze
  • What cereal are you like? By loserinchains
  • :: symphony of requiem character analysis By t.chang
  • How far do you know about Jerry? By Eveana
  • What Season of Meanies character are you? By Lindsay Meanie
  • Perfect Antonio Lover By Trish Bennett
  • Obession of The Angry Beavers By Kelly
  • Find out which one of Renée's CrAzY friends you are! By Renee
  • What Asian Singer Are You? By P-Chan
  • What Gasoo Are You? By Jared Lewis
  • What NBTSC Wiki Page Are You? By Marina
  • Which 'Day of the Stallion' Character are You? By Fratto
  • Which Main Character in Queen of the Damned fits you best? By Krys
  • Jim Poulos Character Selector By kiteness
  • Which Evangelion Character or Friend of Sam Spencer are you the most like? By General Tso
  • Which Friends Character Are You Most Like? By Herina Potter
  • Which gackt object are you? By Panana
  • Who do u most relate to in CC? By Android18
  • Which Stalker are YOU? By The Stalked
  • Which Rareware character are you? By Porygon
  • What type of pie are YOU? By KG
  • What Carry On Star are you? By Dave
  • Which member of Aerosmith are you? By melissa1983
  • How much do YOU know ME?? mwahahahaha By Nick
  • Which Lefty Films Character Are You? By Bryy
  • Welcome. To which House do you belong? By Talons Maraud
  • Who you like in Ms Becketts Class By Josh Hardy
  • The Storyfic Character Selector! By Terry & Kat
  • ManBurning's ''Group'' Test By ManBurning
  • Which type of LJ post are you? By bear quiz maker
  • What picture from Sasha's Den of Iniquity are you? By Sasha Pixlee
  • Greek Gods & Goddess visit Atlantis! By Sea
  • Jack's Quiz By jack
  • Which Old-school Starimbri-ite are you? By Aphie
  • Are You A True Dennyzen?? By realmerx
  • whats your personality By SweetStacy
  • Which Weasley are you most like? By GredandForge
  • Which Horror Movie Monster are You? By horrorchick
  • Your secret Identity By April
  • Which WWF wrestler are you like? By Karma
  • Which Super Smash Brothers Character is your best..? By Jank
  • Which friend are you like? By A.J.
  • which of ashley's friends are you? By ashley
  • Which Hello Kitty & Friends character are you? By Linz
  • which dbgena main character are you most like? By lunalo
  • Which sirist character are you? By Lauren
  • Which Clueless Character Are You? By Perry
  • Foxx's friends By foxx
  • Guiding the Stars CS By Cerulean Lee
  • Psycrowe's Characters. Who are you most like? By Psycrowe
  • So, like....who's your match? By Lana
  • which cool_header god are you? By liquidblock
  • Which Wastelands Character Are You? By Ayako
  • Which Gundam Wing Gundam are YOU? By clay_dough
  • Banko Heikou By Enshoku
  • Which Arlecchinas Tavern Character are you? By Rye
  • Which MuggleNet staff member are you most like? By Marc the Muggle
  • Don't ask, Answer By Michelle Courtney
  • Which beanie baby are you? By Nenchu Emi
  • Which member of Spread Beaver would you be? By sbeav
  • What ES villian are you? By Zina
  • Which Dzi Are You? By Raeii Antares
  • Which Pride and Prejudice character are you? By Dev
  • Which PPG character are you? By Kathryn Grover
  • Which Malice Mizer Member Are *YOU*? By Bara no Mana-Hime
  • What Kitchen Utensil Are you??? By Samantha
  • Which MIKE MYERS are you? By Andy "Captain Eaze McQuee...
  • Talac's Fun Test By talac
  • Which Beatnik Are You? By aglaea
  • Which Real Life Comic Character Are You? By DrummerErb
  • What Dungeon Cake legendary character are you? By Psychic.knight
  • Which FBC member are you most like? By Little Mel
  • Which of Mina's friends are YOU :D? By Mina
  • What Kind of Southerner Are You? By Rebecca, the Beckish.
  • Which FBC Member are you Part 2 By little Mel
  • What character from the Tribe are you? By Elfy
  • which DC character are you? By Candie
  • Which Daughter of Creation are you? By Reeny
  • Are You Un-special? By Mimi
  • Which Spook Show creator are YOU? By vamp_kat
  • Neopet Selector By Meweight
  • What coloured peg are you? By Dana
  • If I was a sock... By batty
  • Which one of your friends are you most like? By Melissa
  • What leftover are you? By Mennella
  • Which of my fave movies would you fit into? By Mel
  • Which one of these people could you be? By eight track fair
  • What Animal Are You By SheDevil
  • Which Forensics Coach Are You? By ashmunki
  • Which Character are you? By Algy5
  • Which ''Adventures of Misty & Crunk'' character are you? By crunkette
  • What Mt Dragon Ball member are you most like? By xe11
  • Which FFF member are you? By the_amethyst_faerie
  • what type of woman are you? By Azure
  • How compatible are you with the Colonel? By Beverly Woolf
  • What Jellicle Cat are You? By Skytris
  • Which Blink are you? By Jilly
  • which ditsey female are you most like? By Sophie
  • Which ditzey TV female character are you? By Sophie
  • Which Britney song are you? By kristyn sulivann
  • Perfect Dark By Flamewave
  • Which gorillaz member are you? By Yvonne Zenitram
  • which crazy mofo are you most like? By silvia
  • What's your true color? By Dawn
  • Sonic online test ^^ By Sonicpaws
  • god Style Selector By v1023
  • By shelby
  • Who are you most like? By Mayple
  • Magical Doremi*A qué brujita te pareces ? By Aiko Senoo
  • Lizzie_Mcguire By B and B Briefs
  • Which One of Steph's Horror Movies is for You? By GryffndorBeater
  • Sakura Dust Galaxy By Star Galaxy
  • Which Steph MV Flick is Right for You? By GryffndorBeater
  • What Pokémorph character of mine are you? By Imppy Impsson
  • TLEC Character Selector By Mer McCord
  • Which of Tallon's Characters Are You? By K C Davis
  • Which Hanson Brother Would Be Perfect For You? By Harmony
  • Who are you? By Rachel
  • Which persona are you? By Fionacat
  • Who might you just be? By Ren
  • Which Character from the Wendyverse are You? By Juxtapose
  • Which Ex-Boyfriend Are You?! By Kristyn
  • What Nick Cave song are you? By ragtag
  • Which male movie star are you most like? By Jamie
  • Ghostbusters Character Selector By Ecto Master
  • What Drowlings character are you? By Kuruma
  • Which WWF wrestler are you most like? By therock3407
  • SMALLVILE SELECTOR By therock3407
  • The Forum selector By JaxomZero
  • What Rapper Best Discribes You? By Mic ( Reppin' Da 204 Fo S...
  • Which Bitch Are You? By Nakura
  • I Want a Friend...Pleeeease By Jamie and Kaitlin
  • What Trait Best Describes You? By PoP TarT
  • Which member of *//\//sync should be your soulmate? By adidaschiq
  • What Drag Queen Diva are you? By Alex & Zan
  • What British television programme are you like? By Tamzin Johnson
  • Which Ruin Explorer character are you? By regann
  • Who are you most like By Shawn Michaels
  • Who's your style guru? By Tamzin
  • F.A.A. Personality Test By Leviiathan
  • One of the Four By Krss
  • which clue character are you from the play? By countbessie
  • Which HogwartsMOO are you most like? By Ian
  • Suprise Me Baby! By Nicole Marchese
  • What Rock Artist/Band Are You? By Jason Price
  • High School Label Maker! By Rick C.
  • Who are you? By Stephanie
  • Which Species Are You? By Danielle
  • bordom rules By lord doom
  • Do you need some advice? By Beth
  • What Quidditch Player are you? By Kakarow
  • Which Chugworth Character are you? By Scribblekid
  • Which friend are you? By Mari
  • Which starship are you? By BR 48
  • How Much Nerd Are You? By Me
  • Which Newbie PWF Superstar are you most like? By The Demented One
  • Which Fruit Are You? By Mariah
  • Which one of my friends are you most like? By Megan
  • Which one of stephs 3 egostates are you most like? By megan
  • What kind of boob are you?? By Sagy_women
  • Determine yout 'inner' gender By Growly
  • What X/1999 Character Are You? By -tokio_peach-
  • Which Sort of Crazy Are You? By Saithe Verity
  • Which Britney song is like you? By Ruby
  • Which member of the Jester Cor are you? By Kevin sewell
  • Which Shanons member are you? By Krss
  • What Big Mac Band Freshman are you? By Annie
  • Which Annabeth Are You? By Heather
  • Which Character From The Quest RPG are you? By Linda G
  • Which One of Lacey's Friends Are You? By Little Arsonist
  • Are you a Romantic, Free-Spirit, Player, or Baby? By Sasha
  • Which S.a.D member are you most like? By James King
  • Which UKA member are you most like? By James King
  • Keanu Reeves character test By Tsarina
  • Which of VampKat's fetishes are you? By vampkatoo7
  • Which deranged character are you? By NNY
  • Moulin Rouge By Triple B
  • Modern Day Jobs By Jaenelle
  • Stacy's Thing By Stacy
  • Shia's Friends By Shia Maxwell
  • What Dragon Tower Character are You? By Jim
  • Mascot Selector By Kentaro (PJJ)
  • Which Character From Deuces Wild Are You? By blacksails
  • are you a jl? By are you a jl?
  • Which Mauader are you? By Tessa Elbereth
  • What Movie should you watch this weekend? By Ann Kim
  • Are you a Ghost?!? By casper test
  • Vengeful or Passive? By ChaoticLife
  • Which HWF Superstar Are You? By Kirin
  • What Type Of Seductress Are You? By StormyFire
  • Runefaust Character Selector By Gallele
  • Which Aleck McGee series charachter are you? By discodagmar
  • Which Aleck McGee charachter are you? By creazywriter
  • By GreenMaggot
  • Which Rodent Race Character are You? By Gojirott
  • Which of the small mammals with whom i live a lie are you? By Charlemagne
  • How you a mother frankin beasht? By Zack Haber
  • which bill are you? By ryan
  • What Kind of Sushi are You? By Stephanie
  • Wich furrytale character are you By tetarga
  • Yu-Gi-Oh Character Selector By Yu-Gi-Oh Freak
  • Which Flickerstick member are you most like? By Izzy McG
  • What DBZ character are you? By Dylan Friars
  • Which of Cevelle's friends are you? By virtualsarcasm
  • Which Street Fighter II Character are you? By Samanosuke
  • What Pooh Bear Character are you? By supergirl5
  • Which Oklahoma Character are you? By supergirl6
  • ? By Till
  • Which Emily The Strange Character Are You? By Spike
  • Which one of Julie's IZ characters are you? By Invader_Julie
  • What File Character Are You? By Jeremy Yuenger
  • Which hobbit are you? By Casswise
  • What Class Type Are You? By GoLdEnMoGsTa
  • Welches DigimonCity-Mitglied bist du? By Jessie & Pikka
  • Which Buffy character are you? By Jessica
  • What animal are you? By rayviin
  • Which of Marie's fave gals are you? By sexydiva
  • Which Franklin Regional Teacher are you? By ~*Spetz*~
  • Which One Of My Friends Are You??? By Vicky
  • which metal star are you? By lava-lord
  • What Matty-Matt Character Are You? By Matteo
  • What color would fit your personality? By manchudork
  • What kind of Kirby are you? By Fer Coby
  • Get sorted by our Sorting Parchment! By Aylin Chateaunoir
  • Fantastical Creaure Selector By Betsey Richard
  • Which of Aya's friends are you? Are you even her friend?! GODDAMMIT! By Aya
  • Which Hogwarts House Do You Belong In? By Jan
  • What pair of lips do you have? By Debra Rocker
  • would i consider hanging out with you? By skawtee
  • Which Better Than Ezra song are you? By Ezragrrl_1982
  • Are you a good friend? By Charmed2829
  • Which soda are you? By raspberry
  • Are you the perfect man for me? By Christina
  • Which George Are You? By flamingpie
  • If I Were A NeoPet I'd Be.... By plfk9
  • Redwolf Entertainment By Redwolf
  • How nice are you? By Kandie Korn
  • Compare to Muteki! By Muteki
  • What Library Position are YOU? By Hannah
  • Which Slam Dunk Yaoi Pairing Suits You Best? By nikki hiiragizawa
  • What Character Are You The Most Like? By Angelic Eyes
  • DigiFutari By digifutari3000
  • What Kind of Cheesy Made-Up Villain Are You? By Ari
  • zombiecore By Zombiecore
  • Which UAT Member are You? By Big-L
  • How Much Do You Know About Jellicle High? By Taline
  • Which Jellicle queen are you? By Crystal
  • Which Noozi TV Star Are You? By Noozi TV
  • I am so bored By Lucia
  • Which FR Elf Do You Match Up With? By Marisa
  • Which friend of mine are you most like? By Christa
  • Which Sorcerer/Sorceress character are you? By TheAuthor
  • What type of animated character are you? By animatedclown
  • Who Are You? By Denny
  • Biohazard Character Quiz By Joe Mama
  • wHo are yOu mosT like? By hyukie35sarang
  • What's your Stereotype? By Angelica Lestat
  • wHo are yOu mosT like? By hyukie35sarang
  • Which Sailor Moon Character Are YOU? By Sailor Moon
  • Who is your charmed lover? By jerry ray
  • Hobbit Power By ArwenStar
  • *** WhaT kinD of aNgeL aRe yOo? *** By cuTie anGeL
  • Whoz Your Charmed Lover? By jerry ray
  • Whoz Your Charmed Lover? By jerry ray
  • How Sexually Ready Are You? By Amy
  • Whoz Your Charmed Lover? By jerryray
  • Which Star Trek:Voyager character are you most like? By angel_puff_514
  • Which ''Bobby Irish Family'' character are you? By Joel Boutiere
  • Which Cheezumz Gangr Are You? By Da Cheezumz Gangrz
  • Form Selector By Jamie Quinlan
  • Which Spice Girl Are You Most Like? By Ricky
  • FrIeNd TeSt By MaNdA
  • What is your identity in the Lord of the Rings fanfiction? By GirlMeowth
  • Which Mackenzie Astin character are you? By mackenziefrenzy
  • Which OHS Student Are You? By Nay
  • Which Buffy Female are you? By Felicia
  • Which Eternal Darkness Character Are You?? By Boatman500
  • What enticing beverage are you? By Pippa
  • What kind of lamp are you? By Michelle
  • Which ''The Music Man'' character are you? By BroadwayBaby76
  • Dreugan Reiht By Begira Nightwolf
  • What do you need to do right now? By Disorder
  • Rob Ruiz By Uranus
  • Which KoRn member are you? By Megami_samaa
  • How much do you have in common with Giancarlo? By Tibor Goodwin
  • Which Olympus ''Scooby Gang'' member are you? By yam
  • What type of pikachu are you? By Pikachu_master
  • Lizz Quizz By Starshine152
  • Lizz Quizz!!! By lizziedavid
  • Which one of the Unreal Perfection group are you? By Shinedo Albatou
  • Which frontman are you? By Maddski
  • What kind of nerd are you? XD By Mythical Tuna
  • What band frontman are you? By Maddy
  • The DUCK AND COVER community member selector! By Ville "KashluK" Pekkala
  • Which of My Favorite Movies are you? By kiley
  • Elements Quiz By Rina
  • Which of Abbi's retarded friends are u? By abbi the fabulous!
  • ...and WHICH of Aaron's RP Characters are you? By VulpineCunning
  • Which of Jess'ca's Friends are you! By kronikkat
  • If you could have a special power, what would it be? By Nona Urbisness
  • What's your evil genre By Mistress Seiyuuki
  • Which One Of May Favorite Songs Are You? By Lauren
  • Which One Of My Friends Are You? By Lauren
  • How Addicted to the Internet Are You? By ~Airy~
  • How Chief Are You? By Bling Bling
  • Which Kids@Large Cast Member Are You? By Josh Gunderbutt
  • Which One Of My lovers Are You? By Bling Bling
  • Who's Ass Are You? By Lauren
  • Which 98 Pairing Are You? By Lee
  • What X Files Character Type are You? By Evie
  • Which Character From Spongebob Squarepants Are You? By bearsie_gal
  • Hobbit Or Not? By jen
  • What gang are you By Nooke
  • What pokemon are you? By Boub
  • Which Classic Film Star Are You? By Allie
  • Which Screenplay for the Apocalypse Character Are You? By bob
  • Which Guild do you belong in? By Guild of Administrators
  • Who are YOUUU like?? By Taylo*
  • Which Element are you? By Kelsey
  • The Dumbass Test By Coolbonesite
  • Which Guns & More character are you most like? By Coolbonesite
  • What roleplay character are you like most? By Blacktallon
  • Which of Laura's Friends Are You? By Ansxetookmystash
  • Which Golden Girl are You? By Brittany
  • Which of my friends are you most like? (girls) By xXAmethystSkiesXx
  • Which MS Would You be Best With? By Trevor
  • Which member of No Diving are you? By SOMfantasia
  • The Test By Coolbonesite
  • What Clique do you belong in? By calypso
  • Which character from Steven Spielberg's Pinky and The Brain are you? By mmsis64
  • Which Play member are you? By Jenny
  • Si fuera un personaje de Gravi, sería... By Kuma-chan
  • Which Dark Crystal Character Are You? By sango84
  • The Useless Selector By HolsteinCow
  • Which Resident Evil Character are you? By PDarkFan
  • Which Friend of mine are you? By KitKat
  • Which Batman Character are you??? By Stacy
  • Which of my personalities are you? By Sadistic Arsonist
  • Jhonen Vasquez Characters By xandrosjon219
  • Which Rebel are YOU!?!??!?! By Ashley
  • If you were an angel, what kind would you be? Answer a few questions to find out! By Star
  • Bohemian Oblivion By Lynze
  • Is You a Stunna? By E. Clips
  • What Kind Of Person Are You? By Karen
  • What type of dragon are you? By Rebekah
  • Harry Potter quiz By D. L.Riddle
  • Which Hobbit Are You? By Stargirl
  • Which LEGEND character are you? By Keiko
  • Which Schroeder are you? By MaryBeth
  • God Selecter By nachosmew
  • Which League of Gentlemen Character Are you? By Lindsay
  • Sons of Pitches Selector!!! By Shosha
  • Which my friends are you? By the coffee fiend
  • Which Idiot Elf Are You? By AnThaya
  • What Beast Are YOU!? By Megasaiyan
  • Queen Of The Damned Character Quiz By Jill Stevenson
  • Which Campus Crawl Road Ruler are you? By fearn
  • Old Took's Character Selector By Doug Austin
  • What Rodent Race character are you? By Gojirott
  • By Coolbonesite
  • Which Hansonliner Are You? By betsy
  • JD's West Wing Character Selector By JD
  • Whichpower puff girl/character are you? By Zathair
  • Which Ainessa Character Are You Most Like By Tracy
  • Which of my random, strange little objects are you? By Serenity
  • What rpg species are you? By Cola
  • Which One of Psychobilly's friends are you? By Nikki Psychobilly
  • Which SW1Legend Are You? By sw1peon
  • Which Labyrinth character are you mostlike? By shark
  • CATS Musical Character Selector By Brooke
  • Jordan's Angels:The X-Team Test By Jordan's Angels
  • Which 'Producers' Song are You? By Chassi
  • RKO Survey X By RKOMullet
  • Just Friends or Love? By Krista Sample
  • Which American Idol Girl Are You By kwc2013
  • Which Greenleaf family member are you? By crunkette
  • Which Powerpuff girl are you? By Melissom
  • The Yu Yu Hakusho Personality Test! By Kisaru
  • What color are you? By Sandi
  • werd By kaeness
  • what chocolate are you??? By lil_leesh
  • Which Doug Anthony Allstar are you? By ryttu3k
  • Which D.A.C.K. are you? By D.A.C.K.
  • Which DAAS slash fiction should you read? By ryttu3k
  • Which of MeZergy's Yu-Gi-Oh Characters Are YOU? By MeZergy
  • What language are you? By LightMyFire
  • Which Bold and the Beautiful Character Are You? By Kerri
  • Which Nintendo Character are you? By TrainerAbu
  • What Zelda Character Are You Really? By Jane
  • Who Are You From "Trouble In Utopia" By Todd Castle
  • Which of Michele's friends art thou? By Michele
  • Which SMyth Character Are You? By dL and Angie
  • Which Saber Advance Character Are You? By Jay
  • which kkrn gasoo r yoo?? By HeeJuN's_BaBe87
  • Harry Potter Confidant Selector By ThePet
  • Which old-school Chi-Chi's hostess are you? By Jemimah
  • What Star Wars Species Are You? By Trianiigirl
  • Can't Pick a Character for Smash Bros. By Mario Jr.
  • What Chaos Ink Creature are You? By Arylkia
  • Welke moat ? By Max Dedulle
  • Who is the Real you? By Amanda
  • Utterly Bent Personality Quiz By Melanie L.
  • Which Soma Kid Are You? By soma
  • Which Insane Asylum Comics character are you? By Infernal Imp
  • Which Minor Character In Jeremy's Life Are You? By Jeremy
  • Which Corey are you? By Lala
  • The How Boring Are You Quiz By Ash
  • Which Sailor Star Lost Character are you like? By art2dream2
  • Which Cuzzes Chronicles character are you? By cuzzes_chronicles
  • What is your place at Hogwarts? By Emma McCormick
  • tuck everlsating character By kelsey
  • What Character from Final Continues are you!? By Austoko Kiava
  • Goth or not goth? By *Living Dead Girl*
  • perverted By Rose
  • What dungeons and dragons class are you best suited for? By bushes
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