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Flowchart: Why it's best to not believe in God Religion. Flowcharts, articles.
Religion. Flowchart: Why it's best to not believe in God
By Anti-Pascal
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Information and items from you may find helpful. This Religion. flowchart, a free online decision tool is a creation of Anti-Pascal and for amusement purposes only. The implicit and explicit opinions expressed here are the author's. does not necessarily agree.

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French theologian Blaise Pascal formulated a theory about belief or disbelief in God called "Pascal's wager".
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God Exists

The possibilities are...

God Does Not Exist

You believe in God

You don't believe in God

You believe in God

You don't believe in God
Omniscient God realizes that you only believe to escape eternal damnation. He thinks you a damned hypocrite.

You will be condemned to remain in hell forever; thus a loss. But at least you'll have plenty of like-minded company down there.

No eternal damnation.

You will not be rewarded, but you won't punished for your non-belief either.

You are damned and sent to Hell.

You spent a good portion of your weekends, listening to boring sermons, partaking in rituals and feeling guilty a lot. Your Hell is your waste of time.

You didn't waste time with superstitious, irrational beliefs; worrying, feeling guilty, etc.

You lose!

You win!