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  2. What Hannibal Character would you be?
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  4. Which FIGHT CLUB character are you?
  5. Phantom of the Opera: What Erik (Erique) Are You?
  6. Which Requiem for a Dream character are you?
  7. What Killer Klown From Outerspace Am I!?!
  8. Which Lisbon Sister Are YOU?
  9. Which Mighty Ducks 2 Character Are You?
  10. what secret of nimh character are you?
  11. 25 Best Christmas Movies Selector
  12. Horror Movie Selector
  13. Which Holes character would you date?
  14. Which New York Minute Character Are You?
  15. Which Hellraiser Character Are You?
  16. Who in Mean Girls Are You?
  17. Which Stand by Me Character are you?
  18. Which Marvel Movie character are you?
  19. Which School Of Rock Character Are You?
  20. Which Labyrinth Character Are You Most Like?

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