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Red Bitch Quiz, Tests What kind of bitch are you? Fun Humor Knowledge & Trivia Quizzes, Intelligence IQ Tests
Please Report Broken Or Missing Images.Knowledge Quiz based upon What kind of bitch are you?, the Humor selector quiz by Winged Bitch.
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An aquaintance of yours who's never bothered to hide her jealousy of you tells you that your man put the moves on her. He, of course, denies it. Do you dump him anyway?


You get a phone call from Trailer Trash Central (aka the Jerry Springer show). They want to fly you to Chicago because your best friend wants to tell you a secret. Do you go?


You're going down on your man, working on an earth-rocking orgasmic kiss, when you notice it smells like a rather large halibut died down there. Do you stop and tell him to disinfect first?


Your sister's getting married and you're broke. Your Mother offers to lend you a credit card to go buy a dress for the occasion, but only a dress. While you're out shopping you find a pair of pants that you've been dying to have, on the clearance rack no less. Do you buy them too?


It's 4am and you've been out drinking for the past 6 hours. You're still drunk and accidentally sideswipe a car on a quiet neighboring street. Do you stop and leave a note?


Is the following sentence correct? I just gave it to whoever was at home.


You're housesitting for a friend and while feeding her darling pet gerbil you realize it's gone to the Great Habitrail in the sky. Do you buy another one to replace it without telling her?


You're visiting your parents and hop on their computer to check your email. While browsing through the files looking for an article you'd saved last time you were there you come across your Dad's stash of kiddie porn. Do you tell?


A casual friend mentions that she'd like to try the bi experience and more importantly that she'd like to try it with you. Do you bite?
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