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How to Make Knowledge Quizzes.
Our knowledge quizzes ask people what they know about a topic and award them a percent score (0% to 100%) based on how knowledgeable they are. Knowledge quizzes are different that our selector quizzes which match the user with a top result based on their preferences.

Quiz makers may be astounded to learn that they can create up to 25 knowledge quizzes with one simple and simultaneous process. By creating just one yes/no style selector quiz here, you will generate a knowledge quiz for each result of your yes/no style selector quiz. Here is an example of a yes/no selector and the collection of knowledge quizzes based on that single yes/no style selector.

It may sound complicated or even too-good-to-be-true, but you'll be delighted with how quickly you can create many knowledge quizzes all at once based on your single yes/no style selector quiz. To make your quizzes, you need to be a member of It's absolutely free, and there are many good reasons to join now.

Learn about the benefits of membership here. If you are are already a member and logged in, click this link to create your yes/no style selector while you automatically create your bonus knowledge quizzes.