Survey Says: Top Special Diet / Veg Lifestyle Selector results, Food & Beverages Survey
Food & BeveragesThe top 13 Special Diet / Veg Lifestyle Selector results of 1707 participants. Percentages indicate the frequency of the self-selected participants' top results for Special Diet / Veg Lifestyle Selector.

#1 23.2%
Omnivore - Eats just about anything/anyone
#2 21.4%
Freegan - will not purchase anything non-vegan, but eats food containing dairy or eggs when it is free and would otherwise go to waste
#3 12.8%
Lacto-Ovo Vegetarian - Vegetarian who includes animal products like eggs and dairy in diet.
#4 12.0%
Meagan - Freegan who will eat meat when it is free and would otherwise go to waste
#5 10.7%
Vegan - Consciously eats no food of animal origin.. purchases no products of animal origin.. purchases nothing tested on animals
#6 4.9%
Pesco-Pollo ''Vegetarian'' - Eats aquatic animals and birds but abstains from eating mammals
#7 4.5%
Pesco ''Vegetarian'' - Eats fish and other aquatic animals, but no other animals
#8 2.9%
Dietary Vegan - Eats no food of animal origin
#9 2.4%
Lacto Vegetarian - Vegetarian who consumes dairy
#10 2.2%
Pollo ''Vegetarian'' - Eats poultry (birds), but no other animals
#11 1.6%
Wannabe Vegetarian - Claims to not eat meat, but still eats dead animals
#12 0.9%
Pure Vegetarian - Eats no meat, dairy, eggs, or gelatin
#13 0.5%
Ovo Vegetarian - Vegetarian who consumes eggs

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