Survey Says: Top what school subject are you? results, Computers Survey
ComputersThe top 7 what school subject are you? results of 133 participants. Percentages indicate the frequency of the self-selected participants' top results for what school subject are you?.

#1 35.3%
is this at the top of your results? is that a beaker behind you? you're science...
#2 19.5%
is this your #1 result? looks like you're recess!
#3 18.0%
oh really. so this was #1 for you? oh, i see, so shakespeare's your second cousins' grandmother's stepson's great grandfather's uncle twice removed? you, my friend, are english class- good for you
#4 9.8%
is this your #1 rest result? haha! you got math!
#5 8.3%
congrats if this was the top answer: the world needs you and your individuality! you're social studies
#6 8.3%
this was #1, eh? ah, you adhd kid, you- you're gym.
#7 0.8%
so, this was top of your list? you appear to be lunch...score!

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