Survey Says: Top The Origins of Man and the Universe results, Religion Survey
ReligionThe top 9 The Origins of Man and the Universe results of 3799 participants. Percentages indicate the frequency of the self-selected participants' top results for The Origins of Man and the Universe.

#1 32.7%
Naturalistic Evolutionist
#2 19.5%
Creationomist (term coined by Howard Van Till in the book "The Fourth Day)
#3 15.9%
Pantheistic Evolutionist
#4 8.3%
Deistic Evolutionist
#5 7.2%
Old-Earth Creationist
#6 6.9%
Special Creationist
#7 6.8%
Theistic Evolutionist
#8 1.9%
Non-theistic Anti-evolutionist
#9 0.8%
Vedic Creationist

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