Survey Says: Top What kind of Halloween costume should you wear? results, Weird Survey
WeirdThe top 15 What kind of Halloween costume should you wear? results of 1504 participants.

Percentages indicate the frequency of the self-selected participants' top results for What kind of Halloween costume should you wear?.

#1 29.7%
A WITCH/WIZARD costume might appeal to you!
#2 11.2%
Eep, stay away from me, you VAMPIRE!
#3 9.9%
GRRrrrrrrraaaaaaar! See if you can get a nasty MONSTER costume
#4 7.8%
Hey, you'd look great as a big orange PUMPKIN!
#5 7.2%
Hey, you're GUM UNDER A SHOE!
#6 5.5%
ehehehehe... why don't you CROSSDRESS?
#7 5.5%
Eep! eep! You're a big ol' MONKEY!
#8 5.3%
You'll be perfect as a SLUT or a PIMP!
#9 4.2%
Eew... you're a big green BOOGER.
#10 3.6%
Hmmm... I suspect you should be something like a DOCTOR or a POLICEMAN/WOMAN.
#11 2.3%
AHH! You could be a POP STAR!
#12 2.3%
You're a ZOMBIE! Uuuuuuunnnnnggh...
#13 2.2%
Meow! Woof! You'd make a great CAT/DOG!
#14 1.7%
This halloween, you'll be styling as a preppy little CHEERLEADER/FOOTBALL PLAYER!
#15 1.6%
You obviously don't care... so just be YOURSELF.

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