Survey Says: Top Country Selector results, Travel Survey
TravelThe top 8 Country Selector results of 199 participants. Percentages indicate the frequency of the self-selected participants' top results for Country Selector.

#1 50.8%
Canada: You are popular creative and smart and beautiful!You rock! I AM CANADIAN!
#2 16.1%
Africa- You are athletic and can run really fast. you are nice.
#3 11.6%
Mexico- Vaction! You are a good enterteerer
#4 7.5%
Germany You attacked everyone juring the second world war. Now you are moody are a geek
#5 4.0%
Afganastan You attacked the Twin Towers. The says it all.
#6 4.0%
China- you are creative and a good inventer
#7 4.0%
Holland- You make good cheese. You are nice and loyal!
#8 2.0%
U.S.A. you can reallybe a wanna be. but your famous for your talent

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