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Alcoholic BeveragesThe top 25 What Type Of Beer Should I Drink? results of 8597 participants.

Percentages indicate the frequency of the self-selected participants' top results for What Type Of Beer Should I Drink? .

#1 14.5%
Specialty Beers. E.g. Organic Raspberry Wheat Beer, Pete's Winter Brew, Celis Raspberry, Bluebeery Ale, Lakefront Cherry Lager, Sam Adams Blackberry Witbier.
#2 14.3%
American Dry, an American lager. E.g. Michelob Dry
#3 12.9%
Doppelbock, a lager. It has a very strong malty aroma, with some toasty aromas. Some alcohol aroma may be present, and darker versions may have a chocolate-like or fruity aroma.
#4 7.0%
Wheat beer, an ale. E.g. Weissbier, Witbier, Hefeweizen and Dunkelweizen.
#5 6.3%
English Strong Ale
#6 6.3%
Brown (Sweet) Porter, an ale
#7 3.8%
English Bitter, an ale
#8 3.6%
Classic American Pilsner, a lager
#9 3.5%
American Light Lager, an American lager. E.g. Miller Lite
#10 3.3%
Eisbock, a lager. Made by freeze distilling a doppelbock and removing the ice to concentrate the flavor and alcohol content.
#11 3.2%
India Pale Ale (IPA)
#12 3.2%
American Pale Ale
#13 2.8%
Saison, an ale. French for 'season'. A low-alcohol pale ale.
#14 2.7%
Schwartzbier, a lager. E.g. Samuel Adams Black Lager.
#15 2.6%
American Standard, an American lager. E.g. Budweiser
#16 2.2%
Classic German Pilsner, a lager
#17 1.5%
Munich Dunkel, a lager
#18 1.5%
Bohemian Pilsner, a lager. E.g. Samuel Adams Noble Pils.
#19 1.4%
Sharp (Robust) Porter, an ale
#20 1.1%
Barley Wine, an ale
#21 0.7%
Koelsch, an ale
#22 0.6%
Sweet Stout/Cream Stout, an ale
#23 0.4%
Porter, an ale
#24 0.3%
Classic Dry Stout, an ale
#25 0.2%
Traditional German Bock, a lager

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