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graphReligionReligion Poll: Which ancient Chinese philosophy do you agree with most?
Vote for your top choice from the list below. This poll is based upon the selector "Which ancient Chinese philosophy do you agree with most?" by Hotohori.

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Confucianism-You believe in structure and order. You feel like benevolent rulers are exactly what is needed so that the people will cooperate. You also think that family is extremely important, and think that respect is necessary for the family unit to survive, especially from younger members. You believe in strong government that teaches each and every person exactly how to live.
Taoism-You believe that government is generally a pretty stupid thing. You think that all this debate and hassle is too much trouble and is inherently a bad thing. You prefer to embrace nature and each person's dao, or natural course of life. You think that whatever happens happens.
Legalism-You believe in a very strong government. No one else is going to get things done, right? Efficiency is incredibly important to your mindset, and you think that strictness is the key to this. If someone does well, they deserve reward. More importantly, if someone messes up, they need ruthless punishment. Basically, you believe the ends justify the means.


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