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graphReligionReligion Poll: What Branch of Judaism Do You Prefer?
Vote for your top choice from the list below. This poll is based upon the selector "What Branch of Judaism Do You Prefer?" by staff.

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Orthodox Judaism: Observes Jewish Laws and customs traditionally, strictly, and devoutly. Worship and prayer are to one God, the omnipotent, omniscient, omnipresent Creator. Studies Torah for its truths as revealed by God.
Hasidic Judaism: Observes Jewish Laws devoutly and strictly. Seeks mystical and ecstatic communion with God while living in a close Hasidic community under the guidance of the Rebbe (holy master) and requires modest dress in the Hasidic tradition. Studies Torah for its revealed and mystical truths.
Conservative Judaism: Conserves the observance of Jewish Laws and customs while modifying some for modern society, e.g. services in both Hebrew and local language, equality for women and homosexuals, and some flexibility in practicing Jewish Law. Studies Torah for its divinely inspired wisdom.
Reform Judaism: Observes modified, modernized Jewish laws and practices, respecting individual decisions. Belief in God is a basic tenet, but unbelieving Jews are embraced as they continue to grow spiritually. Social action and egalitarianism are highly valued. Studies Torah for its divinely inspired human wisdom.
Reconstructionist Judaism: Respects traditional practices while introducing new forms of expression. Values egalitarianism and social action. While deity beliefs among members are diverse, Godliness and Goodness are emphasized. Studies Torah for its ancient wisdom while congregations forge new insights.
Jewish Renewal: Infuses Jewish worship with healing, meditation, and mystical practices to commune with the Divine intimately and passionately, while expanding Jewish law to a mission of world peace, egalitarianism, environmental stewardship, and universalism. God is all and in all. Aims to embody the divinity of the Torah rather than simply study it.
Humanistic Judaism: Embraces Jewish identity, history, values, and culture non-theistically. Services, rites, and celebrations are conducted without reference to divine authority. Egalitarianism, environmentalism, and social action are emphasized. Studies Torah for its historical perspective and its teachings.


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