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graphRole Playing GamesRole Playing Games Poll: Which Inuyasha RP Character Are You?
Vote for your top choice from the list below. This poll is based upon the selector "Which Inuyasha RP Character Are You?" by Hakkaku x Ginta.

Choose from this list:

Kikyou- never posted. Not even once. Don't ask me why I put you on here...

Kouga- You tend to be a victim and are confuzzled easily. You like fire ^^; Sesshoumaru is your better half and despite what Inuyasha says, Hakkaku and Ginta are not your boy toys. -_-;

Sesshoumaru- You tend to be cynical, but have a soft side as fluffy as that thing you carry about. We still don't know what that thing is... -_-; You're often away and you know it breaks your love's heart but you can't help it. Accursed internet...

Inuyasha- Your girlfriend is completely insane, but she wouldn't be pregnant if only Kaede hadn't given you that sake.






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