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graphAnimeAnime Poll: Which Guardian are you?
Vote for your top choice from the list below. This poll is based upon the selector "Which Guardian are you?" by Magenta Fox.

Choose from this list:

Blue Guardian - Casey Patterson - Leader
Red Guardian - Siobhan Henderson - Protector
Purple Guardian - Mariam Abdelmonem - Pure Hearted
Pink Guardian - Kyle George - Immobilizer
Silver Guardian - Alayna Madden - Destroyer
white Guardian - Sarah Spear - Defender
Bronze Guardian - Ashley Medeiros - Dark Hearted
Green Guardian - Gwendolyn Tindall - Assassin
Gold Guardian - Ryan Hayward - Martial Artist
Grey Guardian - Justin Madden - Agressive
Black Guardian - John Sheehy - Charger
Orange Guardian - Youseff Abdelmonem - Speed
Yellow Guardian - Kayla Jordan - Conjuror
Brown Guardian - William Bolton - Psycic


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